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“EPCI works for the foundations for offshore wind farms are
our core expertise.”
We have the experience and skills needed to transport and install these enormous structures and a fleet of specialist vessels capable of handling them. The state-of-the-art fleet we can access consists of a wide range of self-propelled, DP2 installation and heavy lift jack-up vessels with an unrivalled combination of exceptionally high transport, load and crane capacity.
“Large diameter piles”
Drilling and hammering large diameter piles in challenging offshore conditions requires the right equipment to achieve precision accuracy. As well as a modern fleet of vessels, we have all required cranes, frames, casing, hammering and drilling equipment, which can be tailored to the size and weight of the pile.
“New technologies”
Our shareholders are involved in the investigation and scale-up of several new technologies that relate not only to foundation installation works, but also to foundation design concepts. CSBC is involved in the development of floating wind substructures, which is envisaged to be a long-term growth market; with the acquisition of SPT Offshore, DEME is taking strong position in the engineering and construction of suction bucket jackets, which are more economical and more ecologically friendly in their installation.