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“Most advanced cable installation vessel in the world”
We have the specialist knowledge, experience and techniques required for the engineering, procurement and installation of high voltage marine power cables, inter-array and export cables . Whether an infield network at a wind farm or an interconnector between two zones, we can manage the complete installation process, including the route preparation, pre-lay dredging, seabed clearance, trenching, cable laying and protection of crossings and construction of landfalls.

Our DP3 cable installation and multipurpose vessel 'Living Stone' proves to be a game-changer with its 10,000- tonne cable capacity and cutting-edge dual-lane cable system. The innovative dual-lane cable installation system can install one cable while fully preparing the second one on deck. This minimises the risk of damaging the cable, which increases the vessel's workability, improving production rates and reducing costs for the offshore wind industry.